Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Toronto Star's 10 Things We Learned This Week

Some of the things we learned this week, according to the Toronto Star's weekly feature "10 Things We Learned This Week" includes:

The only other species known to French kiss "as a prelude to mating" is a small creature from the Amazon known as the white-fronted parrot. "After the birds open their beaks and touch tongues, the male spews his lunch onto the female's chest."

The grandfather of pop singer Huey ("I Want a New Drug") Lewis invented the protective red-wax sealant used in the packaging of various types of cheeses.

The Michelin Man has a name: Bibendum. The design of the roly-poly advertising icon was inspired by an 1898 advertising sketch for a brasserie, which featured a large, mummy-like giant raising a mug of beer and saying "Nunc est Bibendum," Latin for "Now it is time to drink."

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