Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lists of the Decade

The proverbially end of a decade (technically the decade ends Dec 31, 2010), always brings about a gluttony of end-of-decade lists flooding our screens and pages.

Here are a few that, for one reason or another, got my attention

The Toronto Star offers: Five things we've grown to hate over the last decade
The piece's headline reads: "If they would only go away when the decade ends." The article is illustrated with a picture of Amy Winehouse and I think #4 involves someone named Hilton. You can guess where this goes...'s Nicholas Deigman does much of the heavy lifting in his compilation: The Top 10 'Top 10 of the Decade list' of the Decade...List
Deigman lists include:
Top Ten Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade
Top Ten Most Unwinnable Arguments of the Decade
Top Ten One Hit Wonders of the Decade
Top Ten Hockey Fights of the Decade

The blog artmusicfilmwhatever presents 106 Best Films of the Decade.
The list consists of the ususal suspects: Oscar-winning blockbusters (The Aviator), charming indie fare (Once), sub-titled offerings (Dare mo shiranai), whistle-blowing documentaries (Bowling for Columbine), fun animation (Finding Nemo) and the extremely overrated (Donnie Darko). comments on Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 albums of the last ten years.
I am not too sure how I feel about a music critic - regardless of musical taste - that has never listened to Funeral by Arcade Fire.

BabyCenter's list of the most-popular baby names of the year and the decade
Some of my favourites include Kayla, Emma, Sydney and Ava for girls and Jacob, Lucas, Jackson and Ethan for boys. I assume this is an American list.

betterPropaganda present their list of their 100 Artists of the Decade, as well as their list of 100 Albums of the Decade.

The MNE's Top 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade as voted for by NME staff (past and present) plus a selection of musicians and industry figures that included Arctic Monkeys, Carl Barat, The Killers, Jarvis Cocker, Pete Doherty, Elbow, Johnny Marr, MGMT, Ian Brown, The Big Pink, Snoop Dogg, Alan McGee, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Michael Eavis and many, many more.

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