Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday

Canada's first urban expressway, the Gardiner Expressway built in the 1960's along Toronto's lakeshore was named in honour of the first chairman of Metropolitan Toronto, Frederick G. Gardiner.

In 1967, a short-lived North American professional soccer league called the United Soccer Association was founded, placing teams in Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, Cleveland, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Houston, Boston, Washington and Detroit. The league imported whole teams from Europe and South America to kick off inaugural season, giving the North American cities time to build their own squads for the following season, which never happened.

"Polentone" ("pulentun" or "pulintù" in dialect) meaning "polenta eater" (literally "big polenta") is a derogatory term sometimes used by Southern Italians to refer to Northern Italians.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia around 10th century A.D. because traditional Islam prohibited the use of alcohol as a beverage, and coffee provided a suitable alternative to wine.

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