Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Eraserheads Rumoured to Reunite

The original members of the seminal Filipino rock group the Eraserheads are scheduled reunite for for the first time since 2001 for a single show in Manila. Vocalists/guitarist Ely Buendia, drummer Raymund Marasigan, lead guitarist Marcus Adoro and bassist Buddy Zabala have been rumoured to be performing at the CCP grounds on on August 30.

From their formation in 1990 to their well-documented breakup in 2001, the Eraserheads ruled Pinoy rock music, not only with record sales and mass appeal, but with their extraordinary catalog of catchy songs and no-bullshit attitude, forever changing and influencing anyone who makes music in the country.

But the band also tasted success overseas, touring Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai and the U.S. They represented the Philippines and Asia, winning the 1997 MTV Asia Viewer Choice Award and played at that years' MTV Awards show at Radio Music Hall in New York City.

I met the band during the height of their popularity and influence during the mid 90's while traveling through the Philippines. I am still particularly close to Raymund and Buddy, who along with Ely and Marcus, continue to make relevant music in the Philippines.

The band has had tumultuous periods, within and outside the band, which makes this reunion quite a coup, even though they have been broken up for a relatively short period of time.

e-heads all over the world will just have to wait to see whether or not the gig happens at all.

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