Saturday, August 2, 2008

Addictions and Bad Dreams

Current fixations:

The Wire. Without a doubt, the best show ever written for television. And although I obtained illegally sourced copies of the fifth and final season (it'll be available in stores next week), I don't feel bad about this at all. Shyeet.

Wordscraper. Well I am almost as addicted to this crossword-game Facebook application as I was to its predecessor Scrabulous, of which had to shut down in North America this week, due to a legal battle with Scrabble. Damn Lawyers.

Grilled cheese sandwiches. There are as many recipes for a grilled cheese sandwiches as there are people who love 'em. Lately, I have been heavily indulging in my weakness for smoked Provolone cheese, on multi-grain loaf from the Junction's Buskett Bakery. Lightly fried in a skillet with margarine. A dipping sauce of ketchup and Sarachi sauce.

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