Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Iggy and the Stooges' Equipment Stolen

Punk legends Iggy and the Stooges had their equipment stolen while in Montreal for the Osheaga Festival on August 4.

Stooges road manager Eric Fischer says their 15-foot rental truck was stolen on Monday outside the Embassy Suites hotel and contained all the group's instruments and stage gear.

The band's Toronto show, scheduled for August 6 will go as scheduled, using rented and donated

Among the missing equipment is a red Gibson 1963 EB-3 bass; a volcano black Reverend Flying V guitar; a Reverend orange guitar; two Marshall vintage amplifiers; several Marshall 4-by-12 cabinets; and a Gretsch silver sparkle Catalina drum kit.

Pictures of the stolen gear can be seen on bassist Mike Watt's Web site. Anyone with any information about the incident should contact Fischer at nycentral13@gmail.com.


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