Thursday, April 10, 2008

ten more reasons america is better than canada

I was in a strange mood today and saw this entry on the Toronto forum page on the news-wire website Topix; written by hattiesburg american from Hattiesburg, MS and just had to post it. It has NOT been edited.

10--the northern half of our country is not a frozen wasteland. 9--we can visit warm tropical places without leaving our country. 8--we don't have to protect our musicians from competition. 7--we have hollywood, canada has the toronto film festival. 6--we have las vegas, canada has winnipeg. 5--canada doesn't have millions of people trying to sneak in like we do. 4--we don't have an identity crisis. 3--our military's not a joke. 2--i'd rather win an oscar than a juno. and the number 1 reason america is better than canada is--it's a no-brainer. we're americans, you're canadians. do the math.

Ummm... does this person really think #7, 6, 5, 3 and 1 are good things?

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